Notice on Launching the 2023 Laboratory Safety Knowledge Competition Online Challenge (Second Phase)


Dear teachers and students,

In order to enliven the school's laboratory safety culture, enhance the safety literacy of teachers and students, and popularize knowledge of laboratory safety, the Environmental Health and Safety Department is organizing the 2023 Laboratory Safety Knowledge Competition Online Challenge (Phase II) event.

I. Event Theme

Safety for All, Emergency Response for Everyone

II. Participants

All teachers, students, and staff of ShanghaiTech University

III. Open Time for the Challenge (Second Phase)

June 28, 2023 - July 20, 2023

IV. Participation Format (Online)

Scan QR Code to Participate

Participants can enter the Challenge homepage by scanning the QR code, select their relevant major, and after entering their personal information for the first time, they can start the challenge to answer questions. The Challenge is set up with three levels, and the rules for each level are as follows:



Total Questions Time (seconds)

Attempts per Day

Success Conditions Accuracy Rate

Laboratory Safety   Steel Warrior





Laboratory Safety   Hero Guardian





Laboratory Safety   Invincible Warrior





Note: Please fill in your personal information accurately so that prizes can be awarded.

V. Reward Method

The TOP 50 list of participants from the first phase is shown in the figure, please collect your certificate of honor at the Environmental Health and Safety Department. 

After the competition, based on the participation of various units and individuals, combined with the results of the first phase of the Challenge, collective and individual first, second, and third prizes, as well as outstanding participant awards, will be evaluated and prizes will be awarded. The evaluation rules are based on the number of participants and the situation of answering questions from each institute, as well as the final ranking and personal points of individuals.

Environmental Health and Safety Department

June 28, 2023