Outstanding Performance in Laboratory Safety Work of 2023


Annual Summary and Recognition

Through comprehensive evaluation, 11 EHS Management Awards, 8 laboratory safety and environmental protection demonstration platforms, 11 research groups, and 21 outstanding individuals in laboratory safety management have been selected in the 2023 annual laboratory safety excellence assessment. Below are the profiles of the outstanding individuals in laboratory safety work.


 Lu Kunyong / School of Information Science and Technology
 Lu Kunyong is a senior engineer and safety officer from the Robotics and Intelligent Control Research Platform of the School of Information Science and Technology. He assists the EHS Committee of the school in comprehensively implementing various regulations on laboratory safety management, organizing and implementing various tasks such as identification and classification of laboratory risk sources, safety education and training, safety inspections, safety cultural activities, and emergency response to safety incidents.

 Dong Liangxiao / School of Biomedical Engineering
 Dong Liangxiao serves as the laboratory safety officer of the School of Biomedical Engineering, responsible for managing and supporting the safety management of the school's laboratories throughout the process. He actively helps professors complete high-level and high-quality laboratory construction, carefully assists the heads and engineers of various laboratories in the school to successfully commission and operate the laboratories, resolves various issues arising during the operation of the school's laboratories, and is also responsible for framing the second-level responsibility management system of the school, establishing the BME-Safety Committee, emergency response team, and management group of all safety officers in the school. Through hierarchical management of hazardous sources, he ensures early detection and resolution of safety incidents.

 Zhao Fei / Center for Big Science
 As the laboratory safety liaison of the Center for Big Science, Comrade Zhao Fei has effectively implemented various rules, regulations, and work requirements deployed by the university and the center in laboratory safety work. He has a strong safety awareness, maintains close contact with laboratory safety officers, and ensures the standardization and refinement of laboratory safety.

 Ye Jia / Quantum Device Center
 Comrade Ye Jia currently serves as a backend equipment engineer and platform safety officer at the Quantum Device Center. In safety work, she has always maintained a high sense of responsibility and professionalism, always prioritizing laboratory safety, fulfilling her duties conscientiously, and ensuring the safe operation of the laboratory.

 Sun Yingdi / CUE
 The Center for Ultimate Energy (CUE) of ShanghaiTech University was established in 2020, focusing on the research of key scientific issues in magnetically inertial confinement fusion energy systems. Currently, it has established plasma gun research and development laboratories and plasma target research and development laboratories. Sun Yingdi currently serves as the safety officer of the center's laboratory. In safety management work, she always prioritizes safety, deeply studies safety knowledge, strictly enforces safety systems, continuously optimizes safety management regulations based on the actual situation of experimental work, and simultaneously strengthens the implementation of systems.


EHS Outstanding Individual - Group Leader

 Wang Hongda / School of Physical Science and Technology
 Associate Professor Wang Hongda serves as the director of the Soft Matter Micro-Nano Processing Laboratory (Soft Nano Platform) and the platform safety commander. The platform's cleanroom includes Class 1,000 and Class 10,000 clean areas (on the first floor of Building 7 of the School of Physical Science and Technology), providing processes such as lithography, etching, thin-film deposition, packaging, and testing, with safety work executed according to the nature of electronic factories.

 Liu Haiming / School of Physical Science and Technology
 Liu Haiming is a researcher at the School of Physical Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University, applying and developing solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy methodology to study material structure, dynamics, and performance mechanisms. He has led the establishment of the school's safety committee, conducted laboratory safety education, organized laboratory safety and practical courses, and promoted the development of a core safety culture. He has received awards such as the Steady Progress Award for safety teaching teams.

 Liu Junlin / iHuman Institute
 Date of Employment: November 5, 2013
 Positions Held:
 December 2014 - present: Supervisor of the Insect Cell Culture Platform
 May 2019 - present: Director of the Cell Platform
 September 2022 - present: Responsible Person for the BSL-2 Biosafety Laboratory
 Liu Junlin serves as the supervisor of the Insect Cell Expression Platform and the responsible person for the BSL-2 Biosafety Laboratory. In 2023, she actively participated in the construction and management of the BSL-2 Biosafety Laboratory at the iHuman Institute, interfacing with the expert review team from the Health Commission, strictly preparing relevant review materials according to requirements, and successfully obtaining a certificate issued by the Pudong New Area Health Commission of Shanghai. She also organized training courses, written exams, and certificate issuance for access personnel to the BSL-2 Biosafety Laboratory according to relevant regulations. In her daily work, she maintains a high level of attention to biosafety, fulfills her duties in overseeing and inspecting the safety of the platform and laboratory, participates in safety-focused work organized by the EHS department multiple times, actively contributes suggestions, and strives to contribute to biosafety work.


EHS Outstanding Individual - Team Safety Officer

 Liu Yanfei / Chemical Experiment Teaching Center

Picture: Teaching scene of Laboratory Safety and Practice and sharing session of excellent safety management experiences

Liu Yanfei joined ShanghaiTech University in 2016 as an experimental engineer in the Chemical Experiment Teaching Center of the School of Physical Science and Technology. She serves as the platform safety officer, a member of the School of Material Science and Technology's safety committee, and one of the teachers teaching the mandatory course Laboratory Safety and Practice for graduate students. In 2023, she led the Chemical Experiment Teaching Center in applying for the Model Point for University Security and Safety Management in Shanghai and shared excellent safety management experiences with other experimental teaching platforms.

Picture: Video cover for the application of the Model Point for University Security and Safety Management in Shanghai

 Huang Jiatao / Liang Guangxin's Group
 Huang Jiatao serves as the safety officer for Liang Guangxin's research group. With excellent safety awareness, he identifies and resolves potential hazards in high-risk organic chemistry laboratories. During the summer, he reported a potential hazard of storing organic solvents outdoors in high temperatures and received recognition from the EHS department. As an assistant for the laboratory safety course, he assisted teachers and organized fire drills, significantly improving laboratory safety.

 Chen Guangyao / Jiang Zhihao's Group
 Chen Guangyao is a doctoral student and laboratory safety officer in Jiang Zhihao's research group. He has led the design of laboratory layouts and the drafting of laboratory safety rules and regulations multiple times, actively sharing experiences in laboratory safety management. He adheres to the management philosophy of safety first, people-oriented throughout the safety management process, ensuring the safety of researchers while effectively reducing the safety management pressure on professors.

 Guo Haowen / Zou Xinbo's Group
 Guo Haowen joined the gallium nitride electronic device laboratory in the School of Information Science and Technology in June 2019 and serves as the laboratory safety officer. He always takes the EHS management regulations of the university and school as the basis for daily management work, adhering to the EHS management strategy of safety first, prevention-oriented. He actively plans the work environment, standardizes the operation and use of instruments and meters, actively identifies and eliminates safety hazards, providing a safe, reliable, zero-issue, and zero-accident laboratory environment to support the research work of the research group.

 Li Li / Wang Haopeng's Group
 With 13 years of experience in research group safety management, Li Li possesses strong safety awareness and emergency response capabilities. She promptly and properly handles unexpected emergencies in the laboratory, ensuring the safety of the lives and property of laboratory personnel. On September 7, 2023, relying on her decade-long vigilance as a safety officer, Li Li discovered a leaking backup CO2 cylinder in the buffer room of the cell room by sound. She quickly called out to confirm that all personnel in the cell room had evacuated to a safe area, then contacted the cylinder supplier and the school's safety supervisor, successfully preventing a safety accident.

 Ni Xinyan / Shen Wei's Group
 As the safety officer for the Shen Wei research group in the School of Life Science and Technology, Ni Xinyan is conscientious and responsible in his duties, actively cooperating and participating in various safety-related tasks organized by the school and university. He ensures thorough training, effective communication, and clear responsibilities, resulting in no safety incidents in the laboratory in 2023.

 Cai Fang / Hu Ji's Group
 As the safety officer for Hu Ji's research group in the School of Life Science and Technology, Cai Fang is responsible for the daily safety management of the research group. She always considers experimental safety as a top priority, integrating safety knowledge into all aspects of experimental management. In laboratory safety management, she actively implements safety training and admission examinations, strengthens personnel safety concepts, enhances safety responsibility awareness, continuously standardizes laboratory safety management, and conducts hazard source inspections and management.

 Jiang Hua / Advanced Magnetic Resonance Laboratory
 As a public research platform of the School of Biomedical Engineering, the Advanced Magnetic Resonance Research Laboratory is open to both internal and external research users. Jiang Hua, as an engineer of the laboratory, is responsible for various tasks including management, training, teaching, research, and promotion. Due to the wide range of work, large user groups, and diverse requirements, Jiang Hua has continuously learned and improved in his work, investing a lot of time and effort to ensure the normal operation of the laboratory and meet the various needs of users.

 Qian Zhen / Raymond Stevens' Group
 Qian Zhen currently serves as a research assistant in the Raymond Stevens research group, with primary responsibilities including cross-scale imaging and functional research of islet beta cells as well as various laboratory management tasks. Since joining ShanghaiTech University in 2020, he has been committed to fulfilling his research tasks conscientiously and working hard in laboratory management. To enhance the research safety awareness of the team, he actively led members of the research group to participate in various safety lectures and training activities. In addition, he established a comprehensive management system for the research group, including safety systems and emergency response plans. His work not only consolidated the research safety awareness of team members but also created and ensured a safe research environment.

 Song Zhangyue / Biomedical Big Data Platform
 As an engineer of the Biomedical Big Data Platform at the Institute of Immunochemistry, Song Zhangyue is responsible for method development related to high-throughput sequencing, library construction, and the operation and maintenance of sequencing instruments. She also serves as the safety officer of the platform's laboratory. Under her standardized management, the laboratory is
tidy and well-organized, with comprehensive regulations. The Biomedical Big Data Platform was also selected as one of the first batch of Laboratory Safety and Environmental Protection Demonstration Sites at ShanghaiTech University in 2021.

 Guo Na / Zhao Jian's Group
 Guo Na, an assistant researcher from the Zhao Jian research group at the Institute of Immunochemistry, currently focuses her research on the aggregation characteristics of proteins related to neurodegenerative diseases and the development of small molecule drugs. She also serves as the safety officer for the research group's laboratory, demonstrating excellence in the management of hazardous chemicals, emergency response, and safety training. Her efforts have created a safe and orderly working environment for the laboratory.

 Qi Qilian / Yang Bei's Group
 Qi Qilian, an engineer from the Yang Bei research group at the Institute of Immunochemistry, conducts research on pathogen biology and comprehensive laboratory management. She also serves as the safety officer for the research group's laboratory. She has always strictly implemented various safety regulations and student safety training. The Yang Bei research group was also selected as a Laboratory Safety and Environmental Protection Demonstration Site at ShanghaiTech University in 2022.

 Wang Yafang / Jiang Hualiang's Group
 Wang Yafang, an assistant researcher at the Immunochemical Biology Laboratory of the Institute of Immunochemistry, is engaged in research on anti-tumor drug development. She also serves as the safety officer for the research group's laboratory. She strictly adheres to the safety management regulations of the laboratory, fulfills her duties diligently, conducts regular safety inspections, organizes safety training, and responds decisively and promptly to emergencies. Her contributions have been instrumental in maintaining a safe and orderly environment in the laboratory.