Themed-Discussion on Strenghthen Laboratory Safety Management and Enhance Risk Management Capability


On the morning of May 11, 2023, led by Vice President Ding Hao, relevant personnel from the Environmental Safety and Health Department, Public Service Department, and other departments participated in a chemical and biological safety research meeting with professors, researchers, management personnel, and students from the School of Physical Science and Technology and the School of Life Science and Technology, to strengthen laboratory safety construction and enhance the ability to handle risks and hazards.

At the symposium, participants from various colleges reflected on the key points, difficulties, and existing problems in the safety management and construction of their laboratories. Vice President Ding Hao affirmed the safety construction work and achievements of various colleges' laboratories in recent years, and proposed guidance and suggestions based on the characteristics of different colleges, majors, and laboratories. The relevant departments of the school have also proposed solutions and suggestions. The next step is for the school to focus on solving the actual needs of laboratory safety construction based on the situation of the special research, with a problem oriented approach. At the same time, it will integrate resources in a targeted manner, striving to further improve the level of laboratory safety management construction in the school.