Laboratory Safety Workshop


Dear all,

Laboratory safety is the premise and guarantee for the steady progress of scientific research and teaching, and it is more related to the health and safety of all students and staff. Safety management not only relies on responsibility, but also relies on management, reliable documentation and strict supervision and execution. Summarizing the experience has a demonstration role in consolidating and expanding the standardized, orderly and healthy development of laboratory health and safety management.


The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) will organize a workshop for laboratory safety management, with the following specific information:

Date:             Tuesday, May 9, 2023      13:30-14:30 

Location:       Room S301, School of Creativity and Art

Speaker:        Yan Zhang                  Soft Matter Nanofabrication Laboratory, SPST

                      Guangyao Chen          Zhihao Jiang Laboratory, Human-Cyber-Physical Systems Lab, SIST


You are cordially invited!




Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)