Notice on the Announcement of Reporting Method of Potential Safety Hazards in Laboratories


To Schools/Institutes/Centers:

In order to improve the investigation of potential safety hazards and safety control system of our university laboratories, timely discover and eliminate potential safety hazards, and prevent laboratory safety accidents, according to the requirements of the Laboratory Safety Requirements for Colleges and Universities by the Ministry of Education, the reporting methods of potential safety hazards in laboratories are hereby announced as follows:

Reporting hotline: 2068-5200



Office of Environment, Health and Safety

March 21, 2023


Laboratory safety liability includes the following, as outlined by The Measures for Accountability of Laboratory Safety Accidents in Colleges and Universities Directly under the Ministry of Education (Trial) :

(1) Purchasing, storing, using, transporting, transferring or disposing of hazardous chemicals (especially controlled chemicals including highly toxic, precursor toxic, explosives, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, etc.), special equipment, radioisotopes and nuclear materials, radiation devices, hazardous wastes, etc., or failing to take necessary measures resulting in theft or loss, or failing to report the above situation to the relevant department at a higher level in a timely manner;

(2) Circumstances such as failing to file with a biosecurity laboratory of the corresponding level, using biological materials beyond the scope of their biosecurity permit or conducting operations beyond their biosecurity level in the laboratory, or carrying out animal experiments in violation of regulations;

(3) Discovering potential safety hazards, or receiving rectification notices, refusing to rectify or failing to make rectification; Unauthorized use of sealed laboratories or experimental facilities and equipment;

(4) Laboratory safety training and entry permission, safety risk assessment, etc., have not been implemented;

(5) Failure to establish necessary operating procedures or emergency response plans;

(6) After a laboratory accident occurs, failure to actively take emergency response, late reporting, concealment, false reporting or omission, destruction of the accident site intentionally, etc.;

(7) Other violations of national laws and regulations, violations of relevant provisions on safety management, or failure to perform safety management duties.